“We ought to view ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought, because we too are linked to the entire universe.”  Henri Matisse

Hello, my name is Camilla Ruth Armstrong.

I am a certified Life Coach, Clutter Clearing Coach, Resilience Practitioner and Bach Flower & Essences Practitioner, with a background as an Arts Therapist (Dramatherapy MA). 

I have worked professionally in the creative and healing arts for many years, guiding individuals and running groups in a variety of fields, including adult mental health, trauma and recovery from addiction. I developed and led residential courses and retreats for several years at a leading cancer charity, Penny Brohn U.K.

My background also includes living and working in Buddhist retreat centres in the U.K. and attending numerous meditation retreats both here and abroad. Taking time out of everyday commitments continues to nourish my heart and resource me to support others.

My intention in life has always been to humbly learn the lessons life is gifting me; be it through beauty and stillness or heartache and longing. The magical world of nature has been my constant ally and underpinning all of my work is a deep respect for sacred life. 

I feel blessed to act as a guide to others, holding space for change and transformation, honouring my connection to divine feminine wisdom and offering work that makes my heart sing.

I find myself in a clearing in the forest and invite you to come and sit with me awhile. Listen to the bird song and your heart’s deepest longings…from this connected, alive place, together we can create a new story.