A Soulful Life

Life is a constant journey of creating and letting go.

Change permeates our every breath. The undulating movement of inhalation and exhalation is our constant companion. The changing levels of sunlight reaching the Earth as it revolves around the Sun means the luminous light of summer gives way to the cool lustre of autumn and dark days of winter; an eternal cycle of rest and renewal

Change is a given. The innocence of young love ripens into the comfortable union of body and soul over a lifetime. The bloom of youth gives way to the maturity of adulthood and if we play our cards right – the rich harvest of a life well lived in our elder years. 

A soulful life requires that we move beyond our fears and resistance – patterns that would have us continue to act as jailers of our potential even though the doors to the prison were flung open long ago. Life requires that we stay flexible and learn to let go of our attachments in the knowledge that nothing stays the same. 

If we are forever chasing rainbows or believing everything will ‘be ok’ when we find a better job, partner, home etc we may miss the abundance of the present moment; the nuances and richness of the landscape we are traversing on the way to our idealised, perfect life. 

If we listen with an open heart to what is arising within us we come to recognise the many opportunities for growth and transformation; in turn reconnecting with our innate wisdom, love and wholeness.

Do you long for restoration?

Are you tired of playing it safe and keeping your natural talents, joy and passion hidden?

Do you long for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

Live slowly, think slowly, for time is a mystery.
Never forget that love
Requires that you be
The greatest person you are capable of being,
Self-generating and strong and gentle-
Your own hero and star.

Love demands the best in us
To always and in time overcome the worst
And lowest in our souls.
Love the world wisely.

It is love alone that is the greatest weapon
And the deepest and hardest secret.

So fear not, my friend.
The darkness is gentler than you think.
Be grateful for the manifold
Dreams of creation
And the many ways of unnumbered peoples.

Be grateful for life as you live it.
And may a wonderful light
Always guide you on the unfolding road.

Extract from To an English Friend in Africa by Ben Okri

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4 Replies to “A Soulful Life”

  1. Hey Camilla,
    Just what I needed to hear.
    A pertinent reminder to slow down and witness the unfolding flow of the present.
    Beautiful piece Camilla

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