Radical Self Awareness

Do you greet each day with joy or trepidation?

What do you lie awake thinking about at night?

Are you thriving or merely surviving?

Many of us are creatures of habit. Yet there can come a time when familiar habits no longer comfort or bring us pleasure, instead they stem our life force and numb our responses to the fullness of the present moment. It takes courage to admit that life has not turned out the way we envisaged it would; that we have mislaid our dreams or forgotten to nurture them. We bury our unhappiness under the weight of work, family commitments, addictions or just plain busyness.

When we learn to channel the energy of discontent and recognise that we alone hold the key to creating change, we step into the river of life. Whilst this requires radical self-awareness, the rewards are immeasurable, as we open to the infinite flow of possibilities and reconnect with our innate goodness and capacity to heal. Rachel Naomi Remen speaks to surrendering that which no longer serves us in her poem:


Healing may not be so much about
getting better as about
letting go of everything
that is not you.
All the expectations,
all the beliefs,
and becoming who you are.
Not a better you, but a realer you.
We need to let go,
to throw away everything that isn’t us,
in order to be more whole.

2 Replies to “Radical Self Awareness”

  1. This is well said, Camilla. it’s surprising how long one can continue with worn-out habits and behaviour which we know really doesn’t serve us and frankly, makes us miserable. Time to look beyond the tired old fall back plans and projects. Time to listen in. Thank you for your thoughtful blog. Kathy

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