The Simple Things in Life

It’s easy to overlook the simple things in life. For instance, that a journey has to start at the beginning by taking first one step, then another and another, until we reach our journeys end.

When I reflect on my own journey from birth to the present day I see countless journeys and roads travelled. Some of these journeys are reflected in my surroundings, in the myriad of objects in my home.

I started a new journey at the beginning of 2018.  A clutter clearing journey. Having moved home a couple of months earlier, my initial intention was simply to clear some space in my spare room.  What transpired was so much more valuable than merely getting rid of stuff!

I came to realise that with each decision regarding whether I reassigned, sold, gave away or kept a particular item I was making a choice about what was important to me now. Not, what had been important to me 10 or 5 years ago, or even 12 months ago.

As I moved deeper into the process of clearing my clutter, with each letting go there was an increased coming into presence in the here and now. I was consciously choosing what I wanted my life to consist of currently, whilst simultaneously making space to activate my future.

Simply put, clutter clearing is a process of reclaiming one’s life from the past in order to live more fully in the present.


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  1. I have lots of clutter. I’m from a family with historical clutter. I studied history, I still do. I’m interested in how story through clutter delineates roots and identity. I’m loathe to give stuff up in case it might be useful for insight. What say you about this?

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here David. One definition of clutter is that if you ‘love it and/or use it’ then it is not clutter. I feel there are other parameters we can take into consideration however. For instance, do you have the space to keep all of the things that you have in your home or are they crowding you out or weighing you down? Is there space (physical and metaphorical) for all that you want to include in your life now and in the future?
      I think there are times when too much ‘stuff’ can start to have a negative impact on the quality of our life in the present. One way to get around this can be to take a photograph of an object we want to release so we have a record of it for the future. It is often the ‘holding on’ rather than the letting go…that can get in the way of this process.
      Clutter can also take the form of all those thousands of unopened emails and unused files on our laptops (I am working on this!) as well as repetitive thoughts and unhelpful habits etc. At the end of the day, it is a personal enquiry as to what constitutes ‘clutter’ in our life.
      Go well 🙂

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