I am delighted to announce the Women’s Vision NEW YEAR RETREAT on 27th to 30th December 2018. I will be assisting Kamini Gupta in offering an envisioning and nourishing space at the end of the year.

In the quiet pause between Christmas and New Year we will create space to reflect and vision, give gratitude and plant seeds. A time to be deeply nourished in the company of sisterhood.

Imagine a space to rest, to breathe, connect with your centre of calm and connectedness; a space of flow and inspiration and a profound sense of well being.

A space where you are gently helped to relax and clear your head so you can have access to clarity, perspective and strength to meet the world.

A creative space that connects you with a deep alignment within, allowing you to express freely and tap into the natural healing medicine of your Wise Soul.

A sacred space where images and visions that emerge bring insights and wisdom to inform your life. A time to sink into your inner knowing…

WELCOME to the deep dive of Women’s Vision New Year Retreat!

This is the perfect time to pause and take time out to recover from the frenetic activity of the festive season. The perfect time to restore and nourish your body, mind and spirit when all of nature is quietly supporting you.

This is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself to surrender, rest and be held, nourished and supported by me and my team, the land and the collective energy of the group diving deep with you.

The perfect moment to step into your inner stillness, beauty and wisdom and align your Vision to your Souls calling for 2019

Come, are you ready to give yourself this precious gift?

We will be an intimate group of women with 13 spaces available so please book immediately if you feel called to dive into yourself as there is a high demand for New Year retreats so it will sell out very fast.

To secure your place you will need to pay £150 deposit with the balance due 4 weeks before the retreat.

Full details and to book: